New Explore Page and some Site Updates

Since the launch of the newly designed THEMOVIEBOX.NET a couple of days ago, I have been getting a few complaints about the design. Obviously, not everyone is going to like the new design. Lets face it, it has been years since the site had a makeover ... probably since 2004 ... or round there. And I think some people had grown accustomed to way the old site looked. I guess, many felt somewhat offended that it changed. And I completely understand and I took some of the feedback and agreed to do something about it.

And this is what I did: I made the "explore" page more streamline and cleaner. I should define what the explore page is -- it's basically the "best of" page. It will show mostly Trailers -- some TV Spots, some Film Clips, etc. -- but mostly Trailers. Some of the feedback included the ability to scroll down the page to see a large number of movie trailers on one page. So I change it to about 60 per page ... which I think is sufficient .. I mean, anymore you'll be scrolling down to China. I also change the 301 redirect to this page. This means, anyone who bookmarked ( will be redirected to (

Plus, I updated the "watch now" page so it will now include the director's name, cast (starring), and release date (only if the movie has a US release date). Plus I added a large button to the trailer page (Trailer List). So far, that's it for now. I'll keep you updated if I change anything else.

Mike M 

New TheMovieBox.Net to Launch Soon!

New design for will launch very soon! Need to fix a couple of things first but it's almost ready.