New TheMovieBox.Net to Launch Soon!

New design for will launch very soon! Need to fix a couple of things first but it's almost ready.


  1. Very nice! I love the tabs up top to pull up the different video types. One request though --> Can we please get the dates on which the video was added next to each video in the list. Right now, it's confusing because I don't know if the latest videos are at the top or the bottom of the list. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, right now on the trailer list pages - the order goes by => Trailers, TV Spots, Film Clips, Featurettes and Misc. Dates are a great idea, i will work on it.

  3. worst re design ever!

    We've lost the prime functionality's:
    1) trailers grouped by movie title
    2) movies sorted by the newest trailers
    3) a short, searchable movie description
    4) nice black interface