New Explore Page and some Site Updates

Since the launch of the newly designed THEMOVIEBOX.NET a couple of days ago, I have been getting a few complaints about the design. Obviously, not everyone is going to like the new design. Lets face it, it has been years since the site had a makeover ... probably since 2004 ... or round there. And I think some people had grown accustomed to way the old site looked. I guess, many felt somewhat offended that it changed. And I completely understand and I took some of the feedback and agreed to do something about it.

And this is what I did: I made the "explore" page more streamline and cleaner. I should define what the explore page is -- it's basically the "best of" page. It will show mostly Trailers -- some TV Spots, some Film Clips, etc. -- but mostly Trailers. Some of the feedback included the ability to scroll down the page to see a large number of movie trailers on one page. So I change it to about 60 per page ... which I think is sufficient .. I mean, anymore you'll be scrolling down to China. I also change the 301 redirect to this page. This means, anyone who bookmarked ( will be redirected to (

Plus, I updated the "watch now" page so it will now include the director's name, cast (starring), and release date (only if the movie has a US release date). Plus I added a large button to the trailer page (Trailer List). So far, that's it for now. I'll keep you updated if I change anything else.

Mike M 


  1. Terrible. Way too much scrolling.

    There goes another perfectly good site ruined by owners desire to look as hip, trendy and 2.0 as fuck!

    (or 3.0 or whatever the number is now...)

  2. worst re design ever!

    We've lost the prime functionality's:
    1) trailers grouped by movie title
    2) movies sorted by the newest trailers
    3) a short, searchable movie description
    4) nice black interface

  3. I don't have a problem with re-designs. They can help a website stay fresh and relevant.
    I think the new design is nice, however the white space makes it feel like you have significantly LESS trailers than before. That's my only real complaint.

    Everything else is as Mike said, I'd just grown accustomed to the old way.
    I'll get used to it.
    Keep your chin up, Mike. Great site (still)!

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